The Perfect Bob Haircut Every Time

Today bob hairstyles are seriously popular if you’re looking for a hair update. It’s one of the classic haircuts that never seems to go out of fashion. A bob hairstyle is a seasonal all-rounder. Spring, summer, autumn, winter – you can work this style into tousled beachy waves for the sunshine and blow dry sleek and straight for party season. It looks greate with any hair shade – from brunette to bleach blonde.

The Perfect Bob is a hair cutting accessory that delivers a salon quality bob hairstyle at home. The dual curved trimming guides allow you to create different bob styles from sleek to dramatic. Simple and easy to use. Gather the hair in the back and place on the Perfect Bob, comb hair straight and cut along the guide. There are two curved trimming guides, a large gentle curve for a relaxed bob and a smaller tighter curve for a more dramatic look or for a children’s cut. Made of Enduratex Marine Vinyl with Ribbed Non-Roll Elastic. Enduratex is a world leader in providing the highest quality vinyl fabrics. It is durable and last for years.

The Perfect Bob is absolutely fantastic and a must have for Hair Salons and home hair stylists. It makes cutting younger children’s hair a breeze. You will love the results of The Perfect Bob.

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I was a bit skeptical since my hair is shorter than that of the women featured in the videos… but it works!!! P.S. Partial credit to my husband!

Katja Frommer

I have been using The Perfect Bob in my hair salon for some time now. It saves me so much time. It gives that perfect bob cut each time I use it. I highly recommend to hairstylist and to you at home.

Shana Ashcraft–Beach Waves Hair Salon


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