Meet Cindy Chapman

I began my career as a stylist/business owner when I was nineteen—40 years ago. My entire career has been in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I opened CC’s Salon, Day Spa, and Boutique at our current location in 2015. We are literally 3-4 minutes from the beautiful white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

The story of the Perfect Bob began as a tool that I use with clients to create a cut that is difficult because it can be time consuming and because it must be done with great precision to create a lovely finished product. Using the Perfect Bob technique insures that as the hair grows, the bob will keep its symmetrical shape.

I actually created and used the product for fifteen years before the idea of marketing it for commercial sale occurred to me. Clients on whom I used the Perfect Bob technique encouraged me to introduce it to a wider audience. The name Perfect Bob originated from clients who would say “It’s just perfect” after I finished with their cut.

I tried to patent my original Perfect Bob template, but my attorney said that wasn’t possible since I had been using it publicly for many years. Back to the drawing board to develop a new template created with new, superior materials that were new to my clients and all new customers. It’s a very simple template that anyone can use at home just by positioning the curved hair-cutting template around the neck to desired length. You, too, can cut a perfect bob.

There are two guides which you can use—a larger curve for a relaxed bob and a smaller, tighter curve for a more dramatic look. Styling it is as easy as blowing it under or allowing it to dry on its own.

The Perfect Bob has been tested hundreds of times on volunteers. We used fathers cutting daughters’ hair, husbands cutting wives’ hair, and even clients cutting their own hair. The feedback was very positive.

All of the above information illustrates why the Perfect Bob template is a great tool for salon use and home use as well. It has been sold all over the world and used by people who are very pleased with the results. I am very proud of the quality of the Perfect Bob and look forward to you enjoying this product as much as we do.