The best-known short haircut style in the 1920s was the bob. It made its first foray into public consciousness in 1915 when the fashion-forward ballroom dancer Irene Castle cut her hair short as a matter of convenience, into what was then referred to as the Castle bob.

This new style of short cut hair with little curls at the bottom named the Castle bob has the ladies copying the new look. Irene Castle gives the short-haired look an air of respectability for American women. Popularized by film star Mary Thurman in the early 1920s and by Colleen Moore and Louise Brooks in the mid to late 1920s, it was still seen as a some what shocking statement of independence in young women known as flappers.

Today bob hairstyles are seriously popular if you’re looking for a hair update. It’s one of the classic haircuts that never seems to go out of fashion. A bob hairstyle is a seasonal all-rounder. Spring, summer, autumn, winter – you can work this style into tousled beachy waves for the sunshine and blow dry sleek and straight for party season. It looks good with any hair shade – from brunette to bleach blonde.

The Perfect Bob is absolutely fantastic and a must have for Hair Salons and home hair stylists. You will love the results of The Perfect Bob!

Simple and Easy

1. Dampened hair and comb the hair from the front to the back.

2. Choose a large gentle curve for a relaxed bob or a smaller tighter curve for a more dramatic look and for children’s cut.

3. Gather the hair in the back and place The Perfect Bob on your head.

4. Comb and smooth the hair once again.

5. With a pair of sharp hair cutting scissors, start at one end of The Perfect Bob and slowly begin trimming the hair along the trimming guide, always be careful not to cut into The Perfect Bob.

6. Remove The Perfect Bob and style your bob cut.

7. Tell all of your friends about The Perfect Bob.