The bob is the hottest haircut right now, according to Google search volume data analysis from around the world so HJ asks hairdressing experts to explain why its so popular in 2020 and for your favourite bob haircuts.

The Google research, which lists the bob as the hottest haircut was carried out by a hairdressing insurance company and found the bob has 222,580 average monthly searches. It is currently the most popular hair look in the UK as well as 51 other countries, including the US, Belgium and Germany.
Why is the bob the hottest haircut right now?

Errol Douglas says the bob is the hottest haircut right now because it suits everyones face shape, hair texture and clients can opt for a long bob, shoulder grazing choppy bob or a beautiful French bob.

Headmasters creative and communications director Andrew Barton and Headmasters creative ambassadors Jonathan Soons and Nicole Iroh have created a Christmas Edit collection aimed at salon clients dedicated to the bob.

Andrew explains: “The bob has made a huge comeback because it’s so easy to wear and versatile. 2020 has been a difficult year and many have felt stuck in a routine, needing a change and a bit of adventure. And a haircut is really exciting, going for a chop is freeing and brings so may style possibilities too.”

In fact, Errol believes in years to come the bob of 2020 will have a specific name. He says: “I feel that in history there will be a hairstyle called ‘the post lockdown bob’ – as lots and lots of clients are having their length lopped off. My leading ladies showcasing some glorious versions are Anya Taylor-Joy, Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, Rihanna and J Lo.”

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