Even in the 1940’s women were searching for hair tips and tools for styling their hair at home. “Your Hair and How To Wear It” by Joe Bonomo and Ern Westmore from the 1940’s. There were a series of 12 pocket handy guides originally sold in department stores and chemists for 25 cents, which covered a vast array of subjects.

Throughout my entire career as lecturer and as publisher, it has been my policy to bring you not only the most up to the minute information and guidance at all times, but the most authoritative as well.

It was with this thought in mind, with respect to the subject at hand, that Ern Westmore became the co-author of this book. As you know, it has been the job of the Westmore Brothers over the last thirty-five years to glamourize practically every motion picture star you’ve seen of screen.

The art of hair styling is not just the twist of a wrist or the flip of a comb…there are some very basic practices you must learn if you are to make the most of your appearance and look your best.

If you will follow the simple fundamental rules as set forth in this profusely illustrated book, you will see a vast improvement in your appearance…A BRAND NEW PERSONALITY! Cordially, Joe Bonomo

The images of hairstyles from all angles is a tremendous resource for vintage hairstyles. Some of the wonderful information in this book includes advice and examples of hairstyles to best suit your face shape.